Boost Your Bets! Play 12 Games for ₱3,600, Win Tickets & Claim Bonuses Daily!


We are thrilled to announce our new promotion that allows you to multiply your wins and elevate your gaming experience like never before! Simply bet on 12 bonus games for a price of just ₱3,600 to get one ticket. The excitement and rewards don’t end there. With a max of 50 tickets available every day, you’ve got plentiful opportunities to increase your chances of winning!

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Seamless Daily Cycle: Bet, Win, Repeat

12 Games For ₱3,600

Our dynamic betting promotion introduces a seamless daily cycle that perfectly blends anticipation, excitement, and the thrill of the game. Every day, promptly at 12:00 PM, we hit the refresh button on the bet results. This wipeout is more than just a system reset; it signifies a fresh start – a new opportunity to bet, strategize, and win!

Just 60 minutes post reset, at 13:00 PM, the atmosphere buzzes with anticipation as tickets are issued. If you’ve wagered on the bonus games, you get the chance to hold one of these tickets. But these are no ordinary tickets; each one is a testament to your strategy, a symbol of your game prowess and, most crucially, a ticket to even greater potential winnings.

This daily cycle is designed to promote fair play and provide a transparent process, where every player, regardless of their previous day’s performance, stands an equal chance to win on a brand new day. With our system, each day brings a new dawn, a new game, and new possibilities for victory. By maintaining this unique rhythm of resetting and renewing, we ensure that the pulse of excitement never fades, keeping you engaged and motivated, every single day!

From Tickets to Bonuses: Adding Excitement to Your Gameplay

Imagine this – each ticket you earn in your gameplay journey is not just a token of your betting prowess, but also a magic chest hiding surprises. These tickets can be redeemed to unlock a random bonus, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the gaming experience. 

As you peel off each ticket, the suspense of what it might hold gives the game an adrenaline-pumping edge. This unique feature is designed to reward your strategic moves, while keeping the gaming atmosphere thrilling and dynamic. It’s not just about winning, it’s about the unexpected rewards that come along the way, making every moment of your gaming journey a memorable one.

Claim Your Bonuses: The Thrill of the Treasure Hunt

Want to add even more excitement to your gaming experience? Opt for our Challenge Mode! Pick up a treasure box to get a bonus and begin your thrilling challenge. Bet on 4 challenge games for a chance to double your turnover. Yes, you heard that right! Achieve 2x turnover to claim your bonus.

Terms to Remember: Keeping the Fun Fair and Square

Like all good things, the Challenge Mode, too, has a time frame. It stays active for 48 hours and must be completed before the ticket redeem time. Moreover, the challenge mode expires either in 48 hours or at the close of the event, whichever is earlier. This ensures everyone gets a fair chance to participate and win.

Remember, all tickets must be redeemed before 12:00 PM (GMT+8) on the 10th of June 2023. Keep this in mind to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting bonuses your tickets might hold.

Keeping Things Exciting and Flexible

promotion for limited time

As the event organizer, our company reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time. This is to ensure that we provide you with an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience while ensuring fairness and integrity.

An Example to Illustrate Your Rewarding Journey

For instance, let’s say you pick up a bonus on the 4th of June at 19:00 PM and receive a ₱100 bonus. This initiates the challenge mode, where you bet a turnover of ₱200. On successfully completing your bet, you are rewarded with a ₱100 bonus. Remember, this challenge mode will expire at 19:00 PM on the 6th of June.

The unique structure of our promotion ensures an exciting gaming experience, where you are always on the edge of your seat, thrilled with the anticipation of what’s coming next. So, are you ready to boost your bets and win big? Join us and embark on this thrilling gaming journey!

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Participation in this promotion is straightforward and thrilling! You start by placing a bet on 12 bonus games, for which you need to pay a sum of ₱3,600. After placing your bet, you’ll receive a ticket. It’s not just any ticket; it’s your ticket to a potential surprise, as it can be redeemed for a random bonus. This way, you’re not only engaging in an exciting gaming experience but also standing a chance to win unexpected rewards.

Challenge Mode can be activated when you pick up a treasure box to get a bonus. In this mode, you can bet on 4 challenge games for a chance to double your turnover and earn additional bonuses.

Redeeming your ticket is as easy as earning it. Each ticket you’ve earned in your gaming journey can be used to get a random bonus. The bonus you receive is completely random, adding a fun element of surprise to the game. The specifics of the bonus redemption process will be shared by the company.

The thrill of the Challenge Mode comes with a time limit. Once activated, it lasts for 48 hours. This means you must complete your challenge within this period. Additionally, it should be finished before the ticket redeem time. The challenge mode expires in 48 hours or at the close of the event, whichever comes first. This ensures a fair and equal opportunity for all players to participate and win.

Yes, as the event organizer, our company reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time. We do this to ensure a balanced gaming environment while providing you with the most exciting experience. Any changes in the promotion will be communicated to the players beforehand.

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Table of Contents

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